About The Blade Doctor

I have been passionate about knives from an early age.  Ihave spent years educating myself about steel, heat treatment, forging, sharpening and the process of knife making.  When the former owner Shirley Pituello decides to retire and sell her business, I saw the opportunity of a lifetime.

Blade Doctor is a full-service sharpening business that was established in 2010.  We are located at 155 B Old Vernon Road in Kelowna.  We offer a mobile on-the-spot sharpening service that serves Kelowna and the surround areas on Tuesdays to improve the efficieny of businesses and homeowners.

I am known for my positive outlook as well as my passion to continually improve my knowledge to meet the needs of my clients.  We are thankfull for the training and support of the former owner to expand our abilities.  Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.  We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality and best services available.

Tim Schuett