About The Blade Doctor

We are professionally trained sharpeners and continually consult with experts in the United States to expand our knowledge.

Blade Doctor is a full service sharpening business and electric clipper repair that serves Kelowna and the surrounding area. As customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality and best service available.

As founder of Blade Doctor, Shirley was always tinkering with mechanics in the garage with her brothers, and like the rest of her family, has a mechanical aptitude. Among her colleagues, Shirley is not only known for her positive outlook but also for her ambition to continually improve her business and satisfy her clients.

Shirley began Blade Doctor when she saw her daughter, a pet groomer, frustrated by the need to mail her grooming tools away to be sharpened. Hence, Shirley was determined to offer a mobile on-the-spot sharpening service which vastly improves business efficiency.