Horse Owners

horse grooming clipper sharpeningDuring the life of your clippers, your blades will get dull to the point that they no longer cut your horse’s hair very well.  Depending on the breed of your horse and the coarseness of the coat will determine how often you will have to sharpen your blades.

Have your clipper blades sharpened regularly for the comfort of your horse, and to make your job easier!

Taking Care of Your Horse Clippers

Whether clipping ears, bridle paths, or the horses’ body, good quality clippers and a number of sharp clipper blades are required to do a professional job. It is always best to start with a freshly bathed horse. Clipping through dirt will cause the blades to become dull very quickly, making your job more difficult.

Do not use your clipper blades when they overheat. They will not work properly when in this condition. Switch to a fresh blade and let the blade cool down. Use a high quality blade wash such as H-42 to dip your clippers in while they are still running. You need a shallow dish with just enough blade wash to cover the blade itself. Dip it in while it is still running just for a few seconds then let it drip out while holding the clipper upright to prevent the blade wash from running into the clipper itself or alternatively turn the clipper off when you remove it from the blade wash and dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then put a few drops of blade oil on the teeth of the blade to lubricate it. This will keep your blades in good condition and prevent rusting.

Services for Horse Owners

Blade Doctor is happy to offer the following services to horse owners:

  • Blade sharpening and cleaning
  • Clipper repair and maintenance
  • Replacement blade replacement
  • Grooming supplies

Drop Off and Pick Up Available

Mail In Services Also Available