Whether you’re indoors using your chef knives or kitchen knife set or outdoors using your camping knife or fillet knife, you need to make sure that the blade is used on a surface such as wood or plastic rather than on a hard surface such as metal or ceramic. Constant striking on a hard surface will dull the blade rapidly. Refrain from using your knives for prying, as a screwdriver, as a chisel, or for anything other that for what it was intended.

It is also not recommended to use the back or side of your kitchen cutlery as hammering instruments. Doing so may cause the pins, springs, or handle to loosen or even break and is also very dangerous.

Sand and dirt should be kept away from the knife, so be attentive when outdoors using your camping knives or fillet knife. And, if your knife gets wet you should dry it right away. It’s recommended to wash the blade with soapy water then dry it completely.

Knives should be washed by hand and dried immediately. Putting knives in the dishwasher shortens their quality and life significantly. Dishwashers and the soap used leach the carbon from the knife causing small pit marks to appear on the blade edge. It is not a good idea to immerse wood handled knives in water for a prolonged period of time because the wood tends to swell. Rub mineral oil, lemon oil or any good furniture polish on wood handles periodically to maintain them.

The term “stainless steel” signifies that the knife will not rust and that it will resist the various acids in daily use. It does not mean, however, that the steel is absolutely rustproof. The coarser the surface finish, the more likely it is to corrode. In other words, the more finely ground or polished the surface of the blade, the more resistant to corrosion it is.

The key to keeping your knives sharp and long-lasting is to keep the edge of the blade aligned. With regular use, any knife’s edge will lose its sharpness. Under magnification, you would see that the cutting edge takes on a wavy S-shape. It is important frequently to re-align the edge of the blade with a honing steel, to keep the edge of the blade straight

Sharpening your knives on a periodic basis will not only extend the life of the blade, it is also a safety rule!

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