If you don’t use your circular saw very often, you will want to make sure to keep it stored in its case. This will keep excess moisture from causing it to rust.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your blade is cracked or deformed, discard it
  • Your saw blade was not designed to cut high-speed steel
  • Be sure the blade has completely stopped before setting the saw down
  • Never stop the blade from moving by pushing on the side of the blade
  • The guard’s retraction mechanism should always be in working condition
  • The circular saw should be used holding it upright, not with the blade upside down or sideways
  • Before starting make sure your work area is clear of objects such as nails and screws
  • Never saw anything (like metal) that will make sparks that can lead to fire
  • Make sure that the safety cover moves freely

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your circular saw blade is kept sharp. A dull blade can lead to unsafe conditions causing the saw to hop off of your lumber. Keep your blade sharp. It’s cheaper to have your dull blade sharpened or replaced than to replace a lost limb!

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